i found my senior quote


i found my senior quote

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take me down to the Salt Lake City where there’s salt and lakes and the lakes are salty

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From Sheffield Autonomous Students


From Sheffield Autonomous Students

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How Fox News covered women’s issues this morning. 

this is real it’s actually real


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i like how his mom is immediately on his side and about to getaway car them off 

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Whoever runs the Taco Bell twitter is pretty cool.

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Hey, y’all. I interviewed Michael Ealy about his time on Almost Human for Entertainment Weekly! Here’s a snippet from the interview:

[I]f you go on Tumblr, Twitter, fan-fiction sites like Fanfiction.net or Archive of Our Own, or sites that host fan art such as Deviantart.com, you can see that the show is still inspiring fans to create their own adventures with Dorian and Kennex. But has Ealy seen some of these fan-produced works? “Oh yeah,” he said. I certainly have seen my fair share of fan art and fan fiction, and sometimes, some stars get uncomfortable when discussing a few of the more interesting fan works out there. Ealy was the exact opposite.

“Some of the best drawings, paintings, short films—I mean, I’ve got to be honest—I haven’t seen much of that type of fandom, if you will, from my other projects. So it’s been a bit flattering to see a young kid or a grown adult dress up like Dorian. I think that’s the ultimate form of flattery. Or to see somebody make the time to make a painting—and I’m not talking about drawing on their computer. I’m talking about hand-paint a portrait of Dorian being contemplative or whatever,” he said. “I was blown away by that stuff, and a lot of that stuff I tried to retweet whenever I could. I really wanted the fans to know how much I genuinely appreciate that. I know it takes time to do a painting. I am not good at painting, and I know it takes time to do a painting, so it was great. A lot of the photos that people put together on their computers—I was impressed. That stuff takes time. Some of the pictures the fans came up with, I thought would rival what the network and the studio were producing. It was like, well, maybe this [fan art] should be the poster. They had some very good stuff. I’ll miss that actually. I miss that a lot.”

The surprise was on him when I informed him that people are still creating Almost Human-based fan works and are still meeting in groups on social media to tweet and post about the show. “Wow,” he said. He was more shocked when I told him about anAlmost Human Tumblr convention that happened just recently. “Really?” he said before taking a deep sigh. “That’s bittersweet, I’ve got to be honest with you. It’s so bittersweet because we worked hard from start to finish, and we really wanted to achieve something that was going to have this kind of effect on people. The fact that people are still feeling very special about show means we succeeded. That, despite the fact that we were canceled, we as the cast and crew succeeded in doing something different and interesting and fun. I’m very, very proud of that.”

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usa gets silver:


russia gets silver:


chinese get silver:


british get bronze:


actually, it’s been psychologically proven that bronze winners are happier than silver winners! silver winners see themselves as being “so close” to gold, while bronze winners are just happy they won a medal. so any silver medalist isn’t as happy as a bronze medalist!

Canada gets silver:image

ok but it’s canada

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Tumblr Loves Halloween 

Why does tumblr love Halloween?

Because it the only time of the year that we can cosplay without people being rude and it deals with demons and Satan. Tumblr loves demons and Satan

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Mike Wazowski joins the Avengers.


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  • The protests are being held in order to achieve universal suffrage in Hong Kong. Although democracy had been promised for 2017 in 2008, China announced this August that Hong Kong people would only be able to vote from a pool of 2-3 specially selected candidates (all of whom…
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she just stood there doing this little dance until we got up

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